Brett Tiernan Groves

Clinical Psychologist

M.A. Clin. Psy. (UNISA)

  • "Every person's map of the world is as unique as their thumbprint. There are no two people alike. No two people understand the same sentence the same way... So in dealing with people, you try not to fit them to your concept of what they should be." Milton H. Erickson

  • " A curious thought experiment... Nietzsche's message to us was to live life in such a way that we would be willing to repeat the same life eternally" Irvin Yalom

  • "It is now clear to me that the family is a microcosm of the world. To understand the world, we can study the family: issues such as power, intimacy, autonomy, trust, and communication skills are vital parts underlying how we live in the world. To change the world is to change the family." Virginia Satir

Professional Qualifications and Experience

I obtained my Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology at UNISA in 2009. Within my Masters Degree my research interests were focused on adoption in the South African context and my thesis was written on the basis of Ecosystemic Theory. This interest was largely influenced by my work as a Guidance Counsellor at Kathstan College, where I developed a close rapport with adolescents and insight into their school going difficulties and dynamics. It was here that I learnt about the importance of crises intervention, the value of Family Therapy, and the gap in treating adolescents.

Prior to entering Masters I also completed a training course with the National Responsible Gaming Programme. Through this course and my subsequent placement as a Trainer in the programme, I gained experience in addiction and a finer understanding of its therapeutic treatment and resolution. Following the period at UNISA I have been responsible for the psychological treatment of psychiatric patients, families, and couples during my internship at Sterkfontein Psychiatric Hospital, Community Service at Ekurhuleni: Department of Health, as well as Private Practice (recently relocated to 117 Main Road, Heathfield, Cape Town, 7945). Additionaly, in combination with the practice, my most recent work experience has been for SANCA Horizon – Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centre, as the Consultant Psychologist (working with both adults and adolescents).

My Therapeutic Approach

It’s my belief that therapy, at its core, involves the therapist’s creating a contained, supportive and reflective context. In turn this context as well as the use of therapeutic techniques encourage and motivate the client’s exploration of their unique histories, allowing a deeper and meaningful awareness into the self to emerge. Practically the above incorporates an eclectic approach to therapy, where the therapeutic paradigm is selected based upon the needs of the individual (both adults and adolescents), family, or couple. It follows that I provide therapy for a broad range of difficulties that include but are not limited to the list in the box that follows.

Depression/Depressive Episodes (Mild; Moderate; Severe); Bipolar Affective Disorder.

Generalised Anxiety Disorder; Panic Disorder/Panic Attacks; Phobias; Social Anxiety Disorder; Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Marital Conflict; Infidelity; Physical Abuse/Domestic Violence.

Anorexia Nervosa; Bulimia Nervosa.

Trauma Debriefing; Acute Stress Disorder; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Bereavement/ Grief Counseling.

Employment difficulties; Stress; Anger Management.

Emotional and Behavioural Problems; School going difficulties; Bullying; Oppositional Defiant Disorder; Conduct Disorder; Self-mutilation/Cutting; Substance Use/Abuse.

Borderline; Narcissistic; Histrionic; Dependent; Schizoid.    

PR NO: 0493635  HPCSA PS 0117650  Cell: 083 388 8173

117 Main Road, Heathfield, Cape Town, 7945